Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk

I welcome you to the world of love, laughter and learning which are the three pillars of the school. Star Public School has grown over the years, celebrating childhood and nurturing understanding and learning.

Star Public School caters to children of all cultures. Our vision is to ensure that in the process of learning, the childhood is not lost. Our aim is not to educate or teach but to be there and support when the child is ready to learn. With ample amount of activities child’s endless energies are channelized positively and result in a wholesome personality development.

Children are watched over by a committed faculty who act as facilitators rather than teachers and an excellent teacher pupil ratio is maintained. With children, Montessori based curriculum is followed giving them ample opportunities for exploration, communication and experiential learning. Stress is laid on learning life skills and enhancing child’s self esteem.

Going hand in hand with parents, we share the experiences of bringing out the best in a child by accepting him for what he is, motivating him for what he feels to be and supporting him for what he wants to be.

We are proud to offer a hygienic safe and informal atmosphere that stimulates creative expression, cognitive growth and skills required by the child. The family of Star Public School welcome all the children and embrace the innocence and individuality of each child that makes our world so beautiful.

With regards,
Smt. Sonika Jhambh
Star Play School